Why HomeClinics

There are many reasons why HomeClinic is great, but the following are why homeclinic should be your top choice for this service:

Comfort in Your Own Home

No other place can put you more at ease and make you feel more comfortable than your own home. This is one of the main reasons why our patients love when our HomeClinic Staff come to assist them at their home. They rest easy and can relax while waiting for the doctor, which can make recovery faster and more effective.

Fast Response Times

Many of our patients have expressed their appreciation for our fast response times in arriving to their homes. Although we can’t guarantee an exact response time, we’ll always get to you as fast as we can. We’ll also give you updates regarding our estimated time of arrival should any changes occur.

Highly Trained Staff

All our HomeClinic Staff are highly qualified and registered practitioners training in home care, ensuring you get the treatment and assistance you need. Our laboratories are NABL accredited, which recognises our high standards of quality service.
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